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Progress in Veterinary Care

CellMed is at the forefront of veterinary care with the introduction of stem cell therapy for canines. This is a significant development in pet healthcare. The application of veterinary stem cell therapy not only ushers in a new era but also aligns India with ongoing global treatments to provide optimal care for our cherished four-legged companions.

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Cellmed - The Way Forward

In treating veterinary conditions, CellMed introduces a breakthrough with stem cell-derived regenerative treatments, empowering veterinarians to enhance the quality of life for their animal patients. This compassionate approach goes beyond symptom management, providing an optimistic avenue for lasting improvements.

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Canine Treatments

About Us

At CellMed we are concentrating to improve the quality of life for Canine by treating conditions that presently have limited options and restricted benefits. These include organ repair, wound healing, immunomodolisation, dry eyes, nerve and orthopedic conditions. Prior to release of vials for compassionate use under veterinarian guidance, rigorous quality control measures are implemented. These measures aim to uphold the highest standards and include thorough scrutiny of the product’s safety and efficacy.

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Our Aim

Put India on the global stage for veterinary stem cell treatments.

Our Mission

Enhance animal wellness with stem cell technology.

Our Vision

Collaborate with Veterinary Universities, Research Institutions, and Veterinarians to offer effective and affordable treatment options.